Pigmented oranges represent the quantity most present in the company and come from the most typical areas of the province of Catania and Syracuse.

Orange Moro Citrus

The dark orange originally from the Lentini area is of medium size, it is the first to ripen among blood oranges: it can be enjoyed from early December to mid-March.
The peel is orange with red hues while the pulp is seedless and entirely red.
The juice yield is high and the flavor is very pleasant and slightly acidic.

Orange Tarocco Citrus

The colors of this Sicilian orange are very particular since the peel is orange with parts in garnet red while the pulp is deep red.
Tarocco orange is highly appreciated for the high ratio of brix degrees to acidity which amplifies its sweet flavor.
The various clones of the "Orange Tarocco" are: Tarocco Nocellare ,Tarocco Comune,Tarocco IppolitoTarocco Rosso,Tarocco Lempso ,Tarocco Sciré, Tarocco Meli,Tarocco S.Alfio.

Orange Tarocco Citrus

Ripening begins in February but the bulk of the harvest takes place between March and April. The fruits are of medium size with a spherical shape while the peel is intense orange with red hues. The pulp, on the other hand, without seeds or almost, is orange in color with numerous sanguine streaks, very juicy and of excellent flavor.

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