The varieties of lemons grown on farms located in the province of Syracuse are the Syracusan feminello, the verna and the white lemon zagara.

Syracusan Feminello

The Syracusan feminello lemon is the most representative cultivar of Italy, rich in vitamin C and characterized by a high juice content and by the richness of oil glands in the peel as well as for the high quality of essential oils.

Verna Lemon

The fruit is medium-large in size, ovoid or elliptical in shape, with a well developed umbo.
The peel is yellow when ripe, of medium-thin thickness, from smooth to wrinkled, very adherent to the pulp and has a good consistency of essential oils.
Tender pulp with good acidity, recognizable by the pronounced nipple and a well-developed neck. With few or no seeds, yellow in color, tender, very juicy, not very sour taste.

Verdello Lemon

The fruit is medium-large in size and the yellow skin that contains an interesting amount of essential oils can be smooth or wrinkled.
The very juicy yellow pulp has good acidity and has little or no seeds.

White Orange Lemon

The Lemon Zagara Bianca is recognizable both by the color of the flowers, which tend to white, and by the lack of purple veins on the leaves which are light green.
This strain is rich in antioxidants which are essential in preventing cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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